pregnancy, sweet oxen

Pregnancy…so far!

I am now 33 weeks pregnant and cannot believe how fast time is going. It seems like only yesterday we found out we were expecting and since then I’ve gone through the nausea, tiredness and achiness and marvelled at how much my body has changed and grown.

Pregnant 31W


Here are some observations of pregnancy so far..


  • Getting incredibly excited at the thought of meeting our baby for the first time, imagining its little face and hands and toes and that feeling of “oh my god you are here”
  • How weirdly easy it is to speak to other expectant mums about our experiences of pregnancy, it really does seem like the ultimate icebreaker!
  • Observing the way my body is changing, all on it’s own, and realising that is exactly how labour will work and feeling confident about my ability to birth my baby
  • Sharing in the amazing journey with my husband, who has been super supportive when I’ve been tired/grumpy/achy, and who I know will be a superstar during labour and beyond
  • Watching and feeling baby do actual somersaults and stick its bum out inside my belly. completely amazing and weird all at the same time.
  • Buying all manners of cute baby clothes, toys and stuff. I don’t think a person is ever so excited about a piece of patterned muslin cloth until they are having a baby.
  • Getting to wear maternity dungarees and jeans!

Not so fun:

  • I’ve had a very straightforward time of it and cannot complain at all. But it’s true that pregnancy is at times super tiring, does weird shit to your body and you can feel quite out of control of what is happening to you
  • Getting up off the sofa and rolling over in bed is genuinely difficult!
  • Diastasis recti, sacroiliac joint pain and baby brain – it’s all real and another reminder that my body may never be the same again. But hey!
  • Being kicked and punched in the bladder. Seriously, weirdest feeling ever.

I’m shortly going on maternity leave so I will hopefully update my blog a bit more before all my time is taken up with a baby – but you can still catch updates via Twitter and Instagram.





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