sweet oxen

A Weekend in Norfolk

We recently travelled to Norfolk for a weekend break with some of our closest friends and their new baby (eeee!). We were very lucky with the weather (glorious!) and enjoyed two trips to the beach (complete with fish and chips, ice cream, arcades) and long dog walks and of course, cuddles with le bebe.

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The house we stayed in belongs to one our friend’s parents and wow, do they have a beautiful garden or what? They both work incredibly hard keeping it so pretty and on such a sunny weekend it would have been rude not to have walked around and enjoyed it.


I did manage to go for a swim despite it being pretty cold (the week before at Bournemouth was much colder though), I certainly wasn’t going to miss the opportunity for a sea swim.

And of course, I got plenty of cuddles with their little babba, who seems to be getting bigger by the minute!  Have you been away this summer? Tell me about your trips in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.


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