sweet oxen

About Me

2015-06-02 16.15.21

  • I’m 27 years old but I often forget and have to work it out
  • I lived in London for two years but now live in Hertfordshire, where I am much much happier
  • I live with my husband (we just got married and it is SO weird saying husband) and we have two beautiful cats, Monty & Margot
  • Before I became a designer I wanted to be a forensic scientist (too many episodes of CSI)
  • If it weren’t for roast chicken dinners and bacon sandwiches I would be a vegetarian
  • I co-rent an allotment and try to spend a couple of hours working there a week (though this is difficult!), and absolutely love being outdoors
  • I work part time as an administrator in order to help fund Sweet Oxen and my nail varnish/clothes/IKEA/wine-with-friends habit
  • I get on well with almost anyone but I can be shy around new people and so tend to have a small and close group of friends
  • I’ve worked in a clothes store, cash office, food store, bank, estate agents and now work for a tyre company
  • My biggest pet peeve is people eating/chewing loudly [ew close your mouth]
  • My worst habit is interrupting people (often when I think of something it just comes out, otherwise I’d never say it) – though I kick myself for it every time and am really trying to work on not butting in
  • I have recently started running and cycling in an effort to keep fit (gaah)
  • I always overthink things that I have said or done, months, even years down the line (though I know I’m not alone in this)
  • I don’t smoke but I sometimes really like the smell of other people’s ‘fresh’ cigarette smoke (this makes no sense)
  • one of the first things I notice about a person’s face is their eyebrows (judgey!)
  • I have a ridiculous memory and can recall things that happened when I was as young as 2 or 3 (though I often struggle with remembering what I did yesterday!)

Enough about me, tell me about yourself in the comments below or on Twitter @sweetoxen


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