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(blue) things on etsy – a collection from cardboard cities

The Sweet Oxen Navy Blue Circle print was recently featured alongside some beautiful Etsy items on the cardboard cities blog – a huge thank you to Laura for the feature!

Check out the regular colour love feature at cardboard cities for more colourful and unique goodies.

Navy Blue Circle Print 01

I have now closed my Etsy shop until further notice so you can now purchase this print, and many others, from

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A Weekend in Norfolk

We recently travelled to Norfolk for a weekend break with some of our closest friends and their new baby (eeee!). We were very lucky with the weather (glorious!) and enjoyed two trips to the beach (complete with fish and chips, ice cream, arcades) and long dog walks and of course, cuddles with le bebe.

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The house we stayed in belongs to one our friend’s parents and wow, do they have a beautiful garden or what? They both work incredibly hard keeping it so pretty and on such a sunny weekend it would have been rude not to have walked around and enjoyed it.


I did manage to go for a swim despite it being pretty cold (the week before at Bournemouth was much colder though), I certainly wasn’t going to miss the opportunity for a sea swim.

And of course, I got plenty of cuddles with their little babba, who seems to be getting bigger by the minute!  Have you been away this summer? Tell me about your trips in the comments below, I’d love to hear about them.

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Another Custom Bouquet Illustration!

I was recently commissioned to illustrate another wedding bouquet as a wedding gift for a customer. I love working on these, it gets very detailed and takes hours, but I get so absorbed in illustrating these it goes really quickly!

Custom Bouquet Illo Example

I’m particularly pleased with how the brooch came out, especially considering I had no visual reference (just a description), and the smaller flowers too.

If you’re looking for a truly personal wedding gift, these really are a beautiful memento. Visit Sweet Oxen or to order yours and it’ll be ready by the time they return from their honeymoon! Available in A4 and A3 and printed onto a heavyweight textured art paper.

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About Me

2015-06-02 16.15.21

  • I’m 27 years old but I often forget and have to work it out
  • I lived in London for two years but now live in Hertfordshire, where I am much much happier
  • I live with my husband (we just got married and it is SO weird saying husband) and we have two beautiful cats, Monty & Margot
  • Before I became a designer I wanted to be a forensic scientist (too many episodes of CSI)
  • If it weren’t for roast chicken dinners and bacon sandwiches I would be a vegetarian
  • I co-rent an allotment and try to spend a couple of hours working there a week (though this is difficult!), and absolutely love being outdoors
  • I work part time as an administrator in order to help fund Sweet Oxen and my nail varnish/clothes/IKEA/wine-with-friends habit
  • I get on well with almost anyone but I can be shy around new people and so tend to have a small and close group of friends
  • I’ve worked in a clothes store, cash office, food store, bank, estate agents and now work for a tyre company
  • My biggest pet peeve is people eating/chewing loudly [ew close your mouth]
  • My worst habit is interrupting people (often when I think of something it just comes out, otherwise I’d never say it) – though I kick myself for it every time and am really trying to work on not butting in
  • I have recently started running and cycling in an effort to keep fit (gaah)
  • I always overthink things that I have said or done, months, even years down the line (though I know I’m not alone in this)
  • I don’t smoke but I sometimes really like the smell of other people’s ‘fresh’ cigarette smoke (this makes no sense)
  • one of the first things I notice about a person’s face is their eyebrows (judgey!)
  • I have a ridiculous memory and can recall things that happened when I was as young as 2 or 3 (though I often struggle with remembering what I did yesterday!)

Enough about me, tell me about yourself in the comments below or on Twitter @sweetoxen

sweet oxen

Our Trip, Part I: Ravello, Italy

I have had a decade long desire to travel to Italy and while deciding on our honeymoon destination, we entertained Thailand, America and a Europe-wide trip before finally deciding to fulfil the dream of going to Italy.

We did have visions of driving around Italy in a vintage car but sadly, this is a very expensive idea and so quickly eliminated! We hadn’t been away abroad together in over 2 years and really wanted it to be a trip to remember, so decided on a rough itinerary of coastal/beach holiday combined with a couple of city breaks. Dave is confident driving abroad (at least, more-so than being driven around by me!) and hiring a car is surprisingly affordable (Renault Clio, not the fantasy Jaguar E-type), so we decided on our first destination: the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast is famed for its beautiful sea and mountain views, winding roads and towns such as Sorrento, Amalfi, Ravello and Positano. We found Ravello to be a little more quiet and relaxed than the other towns we explored – plenty of tourists but much more greenery, with lots of beautiful gardens and squares to explore. We found wonderful tavernas and sandwich shops in back streets, and a fantastic pizza place all the way up the steps (Mimi Bar) where we ate the best olives I’ve ever tasted.


We stayed at Hotel Palumbo with it’s stunning views of the sea. Their staff couldn’t have looked after us more, they were brilliant and made us feel very welcome. They also provided parking which is very scarce in Ravello, and very expensive (EUR80/day), which saved us a lot of money and hassle.


On our second or third day we explored Villa Rufolo – the Music Festival was on and there were lots of things to see and do. We very much enjoyed the beautifully landscaped gardens and amazing sea views.


Later we drove down through Minori and Maiori to explore the beach and bars. It was pretty quiet down here and the drive was certainly interesting, but at least we were getting used to the Italian style of driving which would be good preparation for the next few days.

Also: we observed a slightly freaky cloud formation on an almost daily basis. This cloud rose within minutes from the valley below and engulfed the town very quickly, and then was gone!


We were constantly endeared by the local cats who seemed to have a very relaxed life of sitting on the floor in the shade:


We spent the next couple of days being incredibly lazy (recovery from stressful wedding planning), drinking fizz in the Jacuzzi, eating lots of lovely food (gelato, olives, my body weight in buffalo mozzarella). Ravello was a fantastic start to our honeymoon – I would 100% recommend this stunning town if you are looking for somewhere peaceful and don’t mind hiring a car to explore the surrounding area.