#The100DayProject, sweet oxen


After a refreshing few weeks off (I’ve been putting all things Sweet Oxen on the backburner since early May) for wedding organisation/actual wedding/honeymoon, I’m really keen to get back to investing my time in creating more.

Graphic 1DP

Looking back on how much work I actually produce, and feel I could push myself to do more with my time. A word has come to me recently – the word ‘industrious’ – which got thrown around frequently back in college, and I want to use it as one of my words for the #The100DayProject which I will be starting on Friday 5th June. Everyday, I’m going to consciously exercise my creativity, be it a drawing from observation, a quick ink study or painting, tapestry, photography, whatever. I want to come up with some interesting starting points for new prints and items for Sweet Oxen, but ultimately I want to get back to the heart of what I’m doing, something I’ve struggled with this year for reasons unknown.

I’ll be sharing my progress on Instagram and Twitter, so if you aren’t already following, do! And if you have also participated in the project, do let me know as I would love to see what you’ve been up to!


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