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A Brief Hiatus

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Apologies for the slight lull in posts. I’m not the most clockwork but even for me, 2 months is a little ridiculous.

I’ve taken some time out to assemble my thoughts and ideas for 2015 and decide what I want to do, and how, and for that I need a little break. I do find the online world a little overwhelming at times especially with so much inspiration and new things popping up on Instagram, blogs, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. It is easy for my own ideas to become distorted by what others are doing, writing and advising, and it is at times very distracting.

This may be down to a slight lack of confidence in my own ideas and work, because I think I constantly look to others for guidance and answers. The problem I have found is that I just get more confused by what others are telling me to do, to the detriment of my own happiness and my own work. Which is never good.

I’ve also been organising my wedding coming up in May, which is oh-my-god not far away at all. I’ve therefore decided to take a small break while I consider a new direction for Sweet Oxen, organise my wedding, catch up with friends and regain some much needed confidence and clarity.

I’ve come to realise that I’m working an admin job part time (therefore sacrificing full-time guaranteed income) because I want to spend the rest of my time designing. I love design, I love drawing and I want to create beautiful things for people’s homes. Recently I’ve felt this ‘love’ is missing, and if I’m not loving what I do or doing what I love then it’s all a bit pointless. So I’m going back to basics, and figuring out what I want to spend my time on. Do I want to screenprint? Do I want to paint and draw original, one-off pieces of art? Do I want to make tote bags or cushion covers or limited edition art prints? Do I even want to do this anymore?

Running a business on your own is tough, it’s at times draining, exhilarating, fun, boring, confusing and for me it can feel like a rollercoaster. There are times where (on top of my admin job) I am working for 50 hours/week. So the work I create has to make me happy at the end of the day, so that I can look at it and think ‘that was ABSOLUTELY worth it’ and know that I’m on the right track. So, please bear with me while I figure all of this out, I hopefully won’t be away for too long.



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