sweet oxen

New Styled Product Photos by Holly Booth!

You may have read in a recent post about what I’ve learned in 2014 and how I outsourced my product photography to a professional stylist and photographer, Holly Booth.

Aquamarine Geometric Print 02

It was starting to frustrate me spending many hours setting up a shoot in my studio, for the shots to not come out quite how I expected (or anywhere near). My main issues were:

  • Not enough natural light
  • Changing light conditions during one session
  • Not knowing how to style shots
  • Lack of the right props

My biggest issue however was taking lots of photos that looked great on my camera’s LCD but that later turned out too dark – so frustrating! Here are some of the shots Holly took for me, you can see the rest at http://www.sweetoxen.co.uk.

Christmas Card Multipack

Modern Greetings Cards

Birthday Pink & AquaTurq Hex 01

As you can see Holly has nailed it! You can check out her website for more amazing examples of her work. She was a pleasure to work with – thank you Holly!


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