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I recently decided to have a bit of a revamp of both my product range, and my website. I’ve taken out a few designs I’m no longer totally happy with, that no longer fit in with my collection and/or haven’t been as popular as others. I guess the key is to keep refining the designs within the collection so that they 100% reflect my own visual style, and will continue to complement designs I am currently working on. Some designs will be discontinued, and others will remain with changes to colour palette (for example my ever popular circle prints are now available in a more limited colour range).


Sweet Oxen Grey Circle Print

I’ve noticed a huge shift over the last couple of years in my own taste in art, design, interiors and also fashion. Previously, I was pretty obsessed with pattern, and don’t get me wrong I do love geometric pattern very much, but I have completely veered away from stereotypical girly floral patterns in the last year or so, both in clothing and in our home. I’ve totally gone off it, and seem to prefer more the more minimal/clean/simple aesthetic.


Sweet Oxen Greetings Cards

I’ve also made changes to my ever popular YAY! Occasion Cards. I’ve been so thrilled with the reception this collection has had but felt they needed a refresh going forward into 2015. To give them a revamp I have simply chosen a more varied colour palette to link through the range while giving each card design it’s own relatively gender neutral colour-way. Pink is not just for girls, and blue is definitely not just for boys.

Keep your eyes on the Sweet Oxen website over the next few weeks – I have some exciting new designs to add, and more to feature on the blog including my work for Young Gold Teeth, photo-posts and another ‘Obsessions’ post.


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