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December Obsession // Letterpress

Ah. This month’s obsessions draws on my love for letterpress…

I wish so much that I had made the most of the print room at University, however I did not, and what a mistake that was. Letterpress is, simply, a way of relief printing using a printing press. It can be combined with an ink deboss, or blind deboss, and gives a rich, luxurious feel to stationery such as greetings cards, wedding invitations and business stationery. It’s also incredibly tactile – not just the final product, but the process itself, and the balance between precision and flexibility, the decision making and the artistic flair.

I do have a burning desire to buy an Adana 8×5, but it does seem to require investment and also the space to operate. Neither of which I currently have. It also takes many years to buildup the skill and expertise and I am quite impatient! Nonetheless I can still admire the work of others, and below are some of my most inspiring finds:

As it’s almost January why not pop over to Holstee and check out their DARLING letterpress calendar?

Holstee Calendar

Truly, how amazing is this embossed logo for SteelBison – stunning! I also love the name Steel Bison, it’s all about the oxen you know.


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