sweet oxen

Father’s Day Cards

So coming up is Father’s Day on 15th June, and being part of notonthehighstreet has encouraged me to keep thinking ahead as much as possible to the next occasion in the greetings card industry.

I really struggled at first – I didn’t want to end up designing something contrived or typical ‘Dad’ – footballs, beer and cars – but I did want to make it suitable for Dads everywhere. The role of fatherhood has changed over recent decades, with more men staying at home to share the responsibility of parenthood, with it being less unusual to take a very active role in bringing up children. I have a great relationship with my own father for which I am very grateful, and so I used that feeling of ‘thank you Dad’ as a starting point for my cards and the message that I wanted to portray focusses very much on Thank You.

Because that’s just it – Dad’s are all sorts of men – men who work full time to provide for their families, men who stay at home to look after the children, men who combine both, men who cook, men who can’t cook, men who like cars and football and others who prefer music, or art, or gardening, or knitting or whatever. But their role as Dad is what they have in common – the love they have for their children, and all the thousands of things that a parent will do and sacrifice for those children. That is what we have to thank dads for, no matter what hobbies they have, which is my Father’s Day message.

You can buy my Father’s Day cards at www.sweetoxen.co.uk, via notonthehighstreet.com or over at Etsy.com.

To Dads, everywhere! *clink*


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