sweet oxen

A Winter Walk

A couple of weeks ago my good friend the Clockster and I went out for a brisk walk in the wintery sun near Shefford, Bedfordshire. Was lush, it was.

Dave and I had visited the nearby Black Horse pub the week before (they do a great roast!) and I had made a mental note to come back and have a look around. One of the reasons we moved out of the city was so we could get out and about for that regular dose of fresh air, it makes such a difference to me to be able to see greenery, trees, fields. London stressed me out slightly, with all it’s grey and all the people – so here are some reasons why I love the country so much.


The Sky

I just love, love, love the sky. I mean obviously you get sky everywhere, but in most cities everyone is so engrossed in their Kindle, phone or not getting run over by an errand bicycle, bus or car, that it seems nobody looks UP! Yes, it’s sky, but just look at that blue, purpley softttt-ness – coincidentally one of my favourite colours. We found these weird spiky trees, that I just think look really quite creepy to be honest (we were on what looked like a Christmas tree graveyard in all honesty..), and I have actually had a lot of fun creating this art print from ink drawings based on this very photo. Once the sun started to go down, the light changed completely and we had a lovely view of the setting sun behind some clouds in the distance. Look how much the light changed in only a few minutes! From blue to that soft gold. Aaa.




sky 01



Again, a lifetime obsession with trees. Climbing them, creating bark rubbings with wax crayons, making dens, drawing them… I just think they’re so beautiful. I remember being a slight tree-geek as a youngster, having learned how to identify different types of tree from my uncle’s vast knowledge, and I just love their structure, and how flippin’ old they can be.  Imagine when you look at a tree that it has probably been there for decades, some for even hundreds of years, way before you were born, or even your grandparents. They will have stood through world wars and who knows what else – sorta blows my miiiind.


sky 04

sky 03

sky 02




Moving out of London was a big move but it’s the best thing we have done. We both suit the pace here so much more AND we still get to see our fab friends from all around! Yay!









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