sweet oxen

Greetings Cards for all!

Over the last few weeks I’ve been working on my new range of Greeting Cards!

I wanted to create a simple, modern and colourful greeting card range that would appeal to a those who aren’t into flowery, ‘girly’ designs, and these bright and cheerful YAY! cards do the trick.

I wanted to create a range that fits together and is distinct but one where each card stands on it’s own, is bright and colourful, and just happy! I’ve also tried to cover some of the less happy occasions such as an Apology card (‘Eek! I’m Sorry!’), a Get Well Soon Card and a ‘Noo! You’re Leaving!’ card.

Sweet Oxen YAY! Birthday Card

Sweet Oxen Wedding Card

Sweet Oxen New Home Card

Sweet Oxen Aww Get Well SoonSweet Oxen Yay Good Luck

Sweet Oxen Eek! I'm Sorry

Sweet Oxen Noo! You're Leaving

I’ve also created a lovely Awesome Mum Mother’s Day card – not all Mums like flowers and chocolates after all! You can check out my post for that here!

Available from www.sweetoxen.co.uk, notonthehighstreet and Etsy.


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