sweet oxen

The Windsor Emporium

This weekend we enjoyed a lovely sunny day in Hitchin, spending time with friends and having a fantastic barbecue and outdoor cinema, yay! On Sunday Lisa and I travelled down to Windsor for the Windsor Emporium, my first arts & craft fayre. In the run up I was an even combination of excited/nervous, with a car full of freshly printed cards, prints and other paraphernalia, but the nerves soon evaporated and we had lots of fun meeting lovely customers, fellow stallholders and of course enjoying the cake and tea provided by  Pennie Pengilly of Pear of Peas! It was a great experience, and I’m hoping to trade there again later in the year – fingers crossed!

In the afternoon I got a change to go around the Emporium myself, which gave me a great opportunity to admire the work of other stall-holders including Roelofs & Rubens (beautiful handmade blue and white tableware, tiles and decorations – www.roelofsrubens.co.uk), Leigh Glover (Amazing rhythmic landscapes – www.leighglover.com), Pens Unique (gorgeous, high quality handmade wooden pens – http://www.pensunique.com) and Susie West, whose cute and quirky images of towns and harbours delighted many visitors to the fayre! You can find her work at www.littlehouses-susiewest.co.uk.


Seeing all my work presented in this way was an excellent opportunity to see where I can improve and add to my existing collection of work. I have three very distinct collections at the moment – the Geometric illustrations, ‘Ombre’ flowers and Abstract Watercolour patterns – and Isometric type greetings cards, pocket mirrors and stationery sets.  I have a lot of other ideas for the next few months, so keep visiting my Etsy page for the most up to date items!

The next task for me (well, the main one!) is to build my own website and online shop. More on this later in the week!

J x

Windsor Emporium - Sweet Oxen Illustrations

Ombre Tulips Print, Sweet Oxen Prints, Abstract Print

Windsor Emporium - Sweet Oxen Illustrations

Pocket Mirrors £3

Windsor Emporium - Sweet Oxen Illustrations

Greetings Cards, Vintage Typewriter, Geometric Prints

Windsor Emporium - Sweet Oxen Illustrations

My cute Vintage Typewriter, in my favourite colour!

Windsor Emporium - Sweet Oxen Illustrations

Geometric Wooden Box & Wooden Paintings


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