sweet oxen

More delights

Today was another day spent in the studio, and I had a pretty long to do list and managed to tackle quite a bit! Rather pleased..

First up – thank you cards in a similar style as the birthday cards I designed a couple of weeks ago. 3D Isometric handwriting-style type, but this time on white card instead of brown.

I spent around an hour photographing them but they came out badly – I hate the way photos always look ok when you take them and on the tiny screen but then once you get them onto a huge monitor, they look dreadful! So I decided to take a different approach…


I know that these illustrations of illustrations don’t show the texture of the card (which is lovely, by the way) or the real detail – but I just didn’t have time to re-take the whole lot and wanted to get them on my shop! It is taking ‘super-imposing’ a bit further but this is all an experiment to me anyway!

I also did the same with my set-up for super-imposing prints:


I think this works better than the greetings cards one, but perhaps in the long term I will combine ‘real’ photographs with superimposed illustrations.  Suggestions welcome!

I also spent a couple of hours on a lovely present for a special couple and I am SO excited to show it off and give it to them! So next week I will post it on here.

The last thing I did this evening were a few ideas for stationery – A5 notepaper – and I will be continuing work on these next week!




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