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Engagement Illustration

Last week we attended my younger brother’s engagement meal and I made them the following illustration print for a heart shaped frame I bought the weekend Dave and I got engaged (from a cute little shop in Betws-y-Coed, North Wales) designed by Gisela Graham!

I used a photo from my mother’s birthday party this year and I am so so pleased with how it turned out! I hope they love it too.  Congratulations Matt and Lucy!


If you would like one of my custom illustrations as a gift for a loved one, perhaps for an anniversary, wedding gift or birthday/Christmas present – please contact me at jennifer@sweetoxen.co.uk!


sweet oxen

More delights

Today was another day spent in the studio, and I had a pretty long to do list and managed to tackle quite a bit! Rather pleased..

First up – thank you cards in a similar style as the birthday cards I designed a couple of weeks ago. 3D Isometric handwriting-style type, but this time on white card instead of brown.

I spent around an hour photographing them but they came out badly – I hate the way photos always look ok when you take them and on the tiny screen but then once you get them onto a huge monitor, they look dreadful! So I decided to take a different approach…


I know that these illustrations of illustrations don’t show the texture of the card (which is lovely, by the way) or the real detail – but I just didn’t have time to re-take the whole lot and wanted to get them on my shop! It is taking ‘super-imposing’ a bit further but this is all an experiment to me anyway!

I also did the same with my set-up for super-imposing prints:


I think this works better than the greetings cards one, but perhaps in the long term I will combine ‘real’ photographs with superimposed illustrations.  Suggestions welcome!

I also spent a couple of hours on a lovely present for a special couple and I am SO excited to show it off and give it to them! So next week I will post it on here.

The last thing I did this evening were a few ideas for stationery – A5 notepaper – and I will be continuing work on these next week!



sweet oxen


Is the first day of me working my ‘main’ job (as a Personal Assistant) part time in order to develop my illustration business, and promote my online shops on both Etsy and Society6.


I actually got very scared last night, as the reality of forsaking a fifth of my income for something that isn’t yet bringing in any cash, dawned on me. However, that was quickly brushed away and today has actually been fantastic.

I can’t believe how fast the day has gone but I have quite a few things crossed off the list. The first thing – I’ve recently visited Norfolk with friends of ours and wanted to turn my photographs of one of our many walks into something simple but colourful:

A block colour abstract digital illustration from a series of five art prints inspired by Norfolk's coastline and beaches. A4 Fine Art Print - Quality Ink on Mediumweight textured fine art paper and signed on the reverse with the handstamped Sweet Oxen Logo as pictured.  Paper Size - A4 - 29.7cm x 21cm (8 x 11in). Image is printed with a 1.5cm border for framing/hanging.

A block colour abstract digital illustration from a series of five art prints inspired by Norfolk’s coastline and beaches.

This was quite a quick way of working and I really enjoyed picking out the perfect colours from the original image to produce panels of beach/coast scenery.  There are 5 in the set but this one is probably my favourite – it just reminds me of being at the beach!

The second thing I had to do was to create the above photo ‘scene’ in my living room, and make the most of the daylight. It was a little overcast today and a bit grey but I managed to get quite good levels of light and pull them up a little digitally (Photoshop is a dear friend indeed).  I could have really done with a little wooden boat or something ‘seaside’ themed to accompany the set up, but hey – maybe next time.  It took me quite a bit of work to get all my white boards balanced on the table with the help of books and other heavy items but overall I’m quite pleased with the result.

I would LOVE to devote more time to photographing my prints individually as opposed to superimposing them as above, however I do prefer not to print the designs off in full size until one is ordered, mainly for space saving reasons and also because it could end up being a waste of paper! Superimposing isn’t the most ideal way for some, but it is quick, consistent and saves time, ink, paper and of course the planet! Yay!

After all this I had a mooch about on Etsy, had a quick tidy up, made lunch, and afterwards carried on with my latest vector challenge: Clouds.

Clouds Vector Drawing Screenshot of work in progress

This has taken me a few days of just occasionally adding a few sections here and there, but overall I could probably do another one in a couple of hours, depending on the detail.  I now just can’t quite decide whether to go with or without the outline. I sorta like both in different ways! The outline is also quite interesting without the colour.. so maybe I’ll just do both!

Anyway, the Clouds drawing will most likely be up on Etsy and Society6 in its final form in the next few days. I’m now going to go and start making some dinner, I’m starving!

Thanks for reading.

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