sweet oxen

Logo Work/Copyright

I’m very nearly the end of my logo design.  A few tweaks here and there and it should be finished.


I can’t wait to get things printed and up and running, and am hoping to get my logo and brand name registered as a trademark! Scary!


Does anyone have any advice on trademarks, copyright, intellectual property etc? It’s something I am reading up on as we speak but I’m sure there are plenty of you out there with experience in the matter?


Peace x

sweet oxen


Before losing my camera (sob), I took per-lenty of photographs of flowers (that Dave had bought me, aww) such as tulips and roses.  The idea was to just do some good old fashioned drawings and see where it took me, and this is where.

I’m hoping to apply variations of the above to prints and tea towels! Prints are all ready to go but the tea-towel situation is going to take a bit more experimentation…..

If anyone has any ideas on how best to transfer designs onto a tea towel let me know!


July 2012

so July was a funny month.  I can’t even remember what I’ve been doing to be honest.

I’ve been playing around with paint, watercolour mainly and did some very simple and colourful work earlier in the month.

We also went to the Lake District – a great weekend with some lovely people and incredible scenery, I’m so glad I finally got to go!

I also attended a friends wedding in the last week (the first wedding I have been to, and the first wedding for any of our school ‘group’ which is very exciting!) – the service was at St Laurence’s Church in Ludlow (Shropshire) with the reception at the castle.  Such a great day for everyone and so nice to see a close friend so very happy and in love.

That weekend was slightly marred however as our flat was broken into and my camera (beloved, Sony NEX-5 that I bought for Christmas) was taken, along with a couple of other items.  I am absolutely gutted, not only as I have lost this amazing piece of equipment but I have also lost photographs of our holiday to the Lakes and probably some of my work too.  It is also a horrible feeling knowing someone has got into your home, the place you feel so safe and secure, and gone through your most personal possessions all the while evaluating whether they are worth stealing!  Though we are lucky that it wasn’t worse and at the end of the day, our safety is most important.  Dave was in the flat that weekend (though not at the time of the burglary) while I was away which is distressing to say the least.

It’s been a lesson worth learning though – never ever leave windows open, and get your paperwork in order! Don’t leave important documents or precious items in a really obvious place.  Unfortunately our insurance won’t pay out as we had the (very small!!) window open at the time which even though it is so small, still results in our insurance being null and void.

But hey.  We are safe which is the main thing.  In due time I will replace my camera, it’ll just be a little while yet as they are quite pricey.  The iPhone will have to do for now..