sweet oxen

Bucks Degree Show

After attending the Chelsea Degree Show, we popped over to the Candid Gallery at Angel to immerse in even more amazing graphics work, this time from Bucks Uni.

I loved the way these guys had laid out their work on simple trestle tables – and the variety of the work and ideas was overwhelming. I couldn’t stop taking pictures…

Joe Walsh – Black Swan design for magazine

Suzanne Kloss – branding for a BeeKeeping Company

Laura Dunnett – lovely fold out maps/guides.

Craig McAnuff

David Whittaker – poster explaining the principles of photography.  Great design (I love the colours!) and also very informative

Mark Hall – ‘An Investigation into the Physical Effects of Duplication’ – this concept is just brilliant.  Taking a vinyl, he had reproduced it in a cast, which he then re-cast and so on.  The result is a set of increasingly distorted records, which you can then pop onto the record player and listen to.
Welldone to all – it was a real pleasure seeing so much wonderful work! Makes me miss university……