sweet oxen

Chelsea Degree Show

On Saturday 23rd June 2012, I met up with my friend James (who featured on one of my earlier posts, “Young Designers Part Two”) in London with the aim of an afternoon of art and design (Chelsea College of Art & Design BA Show, The Bauhaus Exhibition at the Barbican and the Bucks Uni Degree Show at the Candid Gallery in Angel).

Arriving at Chelsea College (located right opposite the Tate Britain), we were greeted with a map of the university which we weren’t very good at interpreting and after meandering through the show for Interior/Spatial Design and Fine Art we finally realised the Graphic Design show was in the Triangle and headed there.

In comparison with the previous work we’d seen from the Interior/Spatial Design course (laid out in a disappointingly confusing way considering the nature of the degree) and Fine Art students (which was intriguing but a bit over our heads) the graphics work was right up our street. Well thought out work, beautifully executed and clearly presented in the form of posters/professionally made books, iPad portfolios and several large cubes, each face showing a visual summary of the projects undertaken. The space had been brilliantly utilised to exhibit some great work, as follows.

One of the main reasons I knew about the show was the work I did for my friend Sophie Heath appeared here in her book “The A-Z of Advertising the Mundane”. I finally got to see it in the flesh as it were, and I was so happy to see my illustrations in print in such a great book.

Next we headed over to the Barbican where we realised the tickets were not free and that we were running out of time before the next show would finish (and it was the last day) so decided to give it a miss, but not before I snuck into the Gift shop, where I bought some snazzy wrapping papers. They are for some frames I have in the flat that aren’t being put to use so I’ll show you those when I’ve got them up..

Last stop was White Space at the Candid Gallery – the Bucks New University degree show. More on that next!


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