sweet oxen

Back to basics

I was asked by my mother to draw her ‘something nice’ for her to put up in my parent’s house.  I was hoping to have done this a few weeks ago but it took me quite a few hours to complete and I wanted to get it just right.

It has been such a long time since I sat and drew something in colour pencil in this way (since maybe GCSE Art?!) but I am pretty pleased with the final piece!


sweet oxen

GFSmith – Beauty In the Making

On Monday 23rd April, I attended the paper merchant GFSmith’s ‘Beauty in the Making’ show with my good friend Natalie (Wedding Stationer I am Nat…).  On walking into the building we were met with huge A2 stacks of coloured paper, each finished with a contrasting piece of coloured paper with laser cut type, outlining the programme for each of the days. Everyone was bustling around taking photos so naturally I did the same:


Exploring the beauty of the processes behind their paper, they not only set up an awesome exhibition of the paper making process itself but got us involved too…

Envelope making (I’m still marvelling at the fact a lot of their envelopes are hand made – brilliant). Here are mine (I wasn’t very good at this, the lady had to help me quite a lot..):

We also got to use the letterpresses ourselves and produce these:

The goodie bag was also a real thrill – samples of beautiful paper, made all the more wonderful after seeing how it is made. 

 I still haven’t started using one of the Colorplan books as a sketchbook because it is just too pretty – I’ll have to plan it out carefully before I start!

 Afterwards we popped over the road to Falkiner’s paper shop, which was absolute heaven and I had to really restrain myself from spending too much on paper alone, but I ended up buying a Japanese quill and the ink to go with it. I’ll post some pictures of the work I’ve done so far real soon…

Thanks to all of the friendly staff who share so much passion for it all, particularly Janet Stevens who gave us special attention!

You can see more amazing stuff from GFSmith here.