sweet oxen

Jacksons Lane Exhibition

This week I met up with Jacksons Lane who are calling for visual artists to submit their work with a view to exhibiting in the foyer/reception exhibition space…

I am very pleased to say that my work fit the bill and is now being exhibited in the foyer…

I was rather apprehensive as I didn’t quite know how to go about hanging my work (i.e. the wall is brick, which means you can’t just hammer in a couple of nails…).  After a hasty trip to IKEA with the mister, who was very supportive and didn’t even moan, I purchased 7 RIBBA frames with mounts (and, obviously, a few candles…) which are kindof boxey and stick out from the wall quite nicely.  Then an even quicker trip to Wickes’ (to purchase screws and wall-plugs – I must admit I had to ask three random men and an assistant because I literally had no idea what I was doing).

I was set to hang 7 pieces of work from my Final Major Project, however I had to knock this down to 6 because one of the frames had a crack in the glass which I only spotted when I was trying to mount my work.  Pretty gutted, but I think the 6 look great…. what do you think? (Mind that one is kinda hidden by the plant in this shot)..

If any of you wanna visit Jacksons Lane, they have a huge variety of awesome events for all ages.  Come visit – nearest tube is Highgate (Zone 3), and there are also plenty of lovely gift/art/fashion shops and decent pubs 🙂

Here is their website:  http://www.jacksonslane.org.uk/

Also please check out The Ethics of Progress (which methinks I will be attending) – its a kind of tour of physics and scientific theory which will blow your mind 🙂

Peace x