sweet oxen



Sorry I’ve been useless – in November I moved to live with my boyfriend in north London and we’ve a) had no Internet and b) had no time!

My various handmade items are dotted around the flat (like my hand decorated mirror, photo frames and cushion) and also my clip frames are up. I’m finding having no money a little frustrating and am trying to recycle old/cheap items to make the flat a little nicer and cosy. With all white walls and v plain everything I’ve felt the need to put our mark on things. Hopefully Dave wont mind things being a bit girly!

I’ve had to put a lot of things on hiatus due to the move, such as my Italian lessons which is pretty gutting, and I’m still unpacking boxes full of art materials. And I’m trying to completely settle in (and impress) at work so all I want to do when I get in is sit in front of the tv.

However I have managed to start knitting, which is very therapeutic and doesn’t require much concentrating once I’ve cast on and got into it (I’m only knitting scarves!). Eventually I’d like to do a Hilda Ogden style headband but I need to learn how to read patterns first which could be interesting.

I’ve also just bought an amazing digital camera, inspired by both my best friend (who got one for her birthday) and my late Grandad who was an avid photographer and always encouraged to me to get into photography (which I did, eventually!). However my SLR camera costs me too much to keep developing films, and I do like being able to see the photo I’ve just taken so I’ve invested in a Sony NEX-5 which should be more than sufficient.

Anyway I hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you a very happy new year…

Here’s to more happiness! xo


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